Tung Pei has been established since 1966. We are the largest bearing manufacturer in Taiwan.

Heat Treatment


TPI has been investing many capital and resources in the purpose of crossover from radial bearings to precision bearings. In order to enhance bearings’ heat resistance and cycle life, in addition to use ultra clean steel, we also use special heat treatment to process bearings. By means of comparing data between indentation range and difference of bump volume, TPI bearing is superior to other Japanese brands.


Our machine for heat treatment process is mainly continuous furnace however in order to produce bearings for car transmission application, we also invested box furnace system. This not only helps to control quality but guarantee product stability and safety and also improve collision damages when produce large size bearings.

Recent years, to response environment friendly policy from government, TPI is continuously investing ORC system, heat recycle system, wind power system and solar power system. We hope this will be a contribution for global warming issue.